Whitewater Kayaking
the Tohickon Creek

Ralph Stover State Park to Point Pleasant, Bucks County, PA
Difficulty: Class III to IV must be an experienced whitewater boater


When it rains, Kayaker flock to the Tohickon Creek for some of the best whitewater fun in eastern Pennsylvania. The creek has several great play spots and controlled releases in the spring and fall.

Tohickon Creek at No Fish

The Tohickon Creek starts at the man made Lake Nockamixon and empties into the Delaware River. The name "To-Hick-Hanne" or "Tohickon" refers to the Lenape name "Deer Bone Creek". An early Buck County settler, Ralph Stover used the power of the creek to set up a grist mill. In 1958 the Army Corps of engineers dammed the creek north of Ralph Stover State Park and created Lake Nockamixon (place of soft soil). While the creek is great for boating when water level are right, the cliffs or "High Rocks" is the most popular outdoor rock climbing area in southeast PA. The "High Rocks" area was donated by James Michener a famous local author.

No Fish Rapid

The first play spot is "No Fish" named after some graffiti sprayed on river right.

Getting ready for an ender

"No Fish" rapid has great surfing and playing at moderate levels but at higher levels it may not be a good decision to attempt to surf.

Spring Release 2008

The rock climbing pratice face

Rock Climbing on High Rocks "practice face".

Spring Release

Wood Strip Canoe

Plastic boaters rest while a wood strip canoe (with rocker) moves downstream.

Kayaking from Above

These pictures were taken in Spring of 1998, Fall 2007 and Spring 2008 during a release weekend.

Great surf spot

One of the more powerful surf spots. An easier surf spot is just below this one.

Surfing a kayak

Somewhere below "No Fish".

Before a ledge

Before the boaters drop off one of four distinct ledges.

The Green Monster

The first big drop "the Chute".

Topo running the Green Monster

Tandem kayak punching through the rooster tail of "the Chute".

Below Green Monster

Surfing the creek

Below Green Monster

Nice surfing spot just below the "the Chute". It helps to lean forward when entering this wave.

Playing in the Wave Train

Playing in the wave train below the "the Chute".


Down Stream

A very interesting local legend: The Dolan Gang was a group of outlaws who hide out in and around the Tohickon and Plumstead area. They stole horses, murdered men and women, robbed area land owners and were spies for the British Army during the American Revolution.

Eddying out before the big surf wave

Eddying out just before one of the best play spots on river.


Good wave


Cart wheel


During Fall (Nov.) and Spring (March) water releases the local Boy Scout Chapter serves hot food and drink at Ralph Stover State Park.

Canoe on Tohickon

Fighting to stay upright in 1998.

Capsizing a canoe

Almost made to to Hat Rock without swimming.

Flipping a canoe

Don't drown, it will ruin your day! (he lived to tell the story).

Hat Rock on the Tohickon

Boaters at Hat Rock from Spring of 1998.

Just before take-out

When you start to see buildings, your are near the take-out.

Bridge and Tohickon Aquduct

The traditional take out is just before the concrete bridge. The red bridge is not a bridge, it is the Tohickon Aqueduct that takes the Delaware Canal over the Tohickon. The aqueduct is worth checking out while waiting for the shuttle.

This dam has been removed

This dam was location just above the put-in at Stover State Park's lower parking lot. Just below the dam was a fun but trashy hole. The dam was remove after the Fall 2007 release so shad could spawn on the upper Tohickon.


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