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Web Design


WEB CASE STUDY: This site highlights some of the best outdoor adventures (past and present) in Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey and beyond.

It also showcases the photography, writing and designs of Strickland Kneass. was designed using a combination of hand coding, Adobe Design Premium CS3 and web browser plug-ins. The web site was formatted using Cascade Style Sheets and does not use tables in the layout.


Penco Products

Penco Products, Inc.

WEB CASE STUDY: Upon my arrival as a web designer at Penco Products, Inc. I noted that the company website, used for company awareness/marketing/online purchases, had an unfriendly navigation structure and dismal search engine indexing. I redesigned the web site, discarding "frame base navigation" in 2001 and created a site structure that was easy to navigate and friendly to search engines. I also incorporated PDF files of our catalogs to the website, reducing print costs by 40% in one year due to online downloading.

The following year site structure was further enhanced and "search word" purchases were eliminated because Penco was consistently at the top of the list in search results on all major search engines for key search words such as "lockers" and "shelving".  

In 2002, I designed an additional web site, that promoted a 72-Hour Quick Ship Program. The site was later integrated into the main web site. During that same year I assisted with an e-commerce web site to sell pallet racks online, further increasing online sales.

Over 2004-5, Cascading Style Sheet was integrated into another web site redesign for the company. A download service to architect  (downloadable CAD drawings in PDF format) and a special "Distributors" section were added. These two sections reduced the demand on the engineering and customer service departments and expedited customer requests for information.

In addition, an internal sales personnel section was created, for sales representatives to easily access company forms and allow sales and customer service personnel to prepare quotes while interacting with the client, at any location. These services improved the accuracy of quotes, minimized data entry and associated errors and reduced printing and mailing costs.

Additional refinements to the web site were made in 2006-7. The company then underwent corporate restructuring, when the marketing and sales directives were modified. Since that time the web site has changed very little.

web site design from 2007 on

current web site


Schmidt Structural Steel

Schmidt Structural Steel

WEB CASE STUDY: In 2006, Penco Products, Inc. purchased Schmidt Structural Steel and I was tasked with web site maintenance including updating catalogs and product information.

web site design from 2007 on

current web site


Synergy Environmental

Synergy Environmental Inc.

WEB CASE STUDY: Synergy is a full service Environmental consulting firm, performing engineering, permitting, compliance monitoring, Phase I and II site assessments, soil and groundwater remediation, CERCLA and RCRA investigations in New Jersey, New York, Maryland, Delaware, and Pennsylvania. I (re)designed the site using Cascading Style Sheets and contain’s no tables.

WEB CASE STUDY: Luxury Bus was designed for a Luxury Coach company that rented buses for musicians and their touring company. The web address succeeded in giving company maximum exposure on search engines.


NiteTrain Coach

WEB CASE STUDY: NiteTrain Coach is a luxury bus company that builds and designs luxury coaches for musicians and other organizations.


O2 East Coast Magazine

O2 East Coast Magazine

WEB CASE STUDY: Back in 1997, the World Wide Web was just getting started. Modem speeds were 14,400 kbs. Adobe Page Mill was the graphic web page design program of choice. This site is was very primitive by today’s standards.


Product Development and Sales Training

Penco Products

Penco Products, Inc.

Interacted with upper management, sales personnel, product managers, customer service, engineering and factory managers as a member of the Product Development and Sales team to assist in the development of new products.  Created multiple PowerPoint presentations for each department. Assisted the sales department with the development of sales proposals.


Assisted in the development of several features of SmartLocker (a locker with an electronic lock that could be monitored remotely using a personal computer). Created PowerPoint presentations to promote this new system to architects. Contributed to the development of the user interface, manual and sales proposals.

Penco ProQuote Software

Part of the development team that created automatic quote preparation software for lockers, shelving and other storage products to provide instant accurate client interaction for quote generation. After the software roll out, I trained sales personnel, customer service, and distributors on software installation and use.

Inventory Cart

During development of the Inventory Cart, I showed a Product Manager and the Manager of Engineering how they could improve the stability and reduce the parts needed for the "carriage" from three parts to one. The Product Manager adopted idea in the new product.


Print Design and Production

Penco Products

Penco Products, Inc.

PRINT CASE STUDY: After becoming an expert on the Penco Products product line, I realized how little the customer base knew about Penco's storage systems. Catalogs and price books provided basic information about individual products but little about the product components and how they were assembled. This reached an apex when the company computer systems were converted to SAP during the Y2K crisis and again when the manufacturing facility was relocated.

Catalogs and Price Books were redesigned to provide information to the customer about what they were ordering and how the Penco product system worked. Charts, parts lists and methods of parts identification were added to the catalogs, assembly instructions and price books making it easier for the layman to order products and understand how the work.

In the past, the only way to comprehend the many configurations available for a specific locker product was to read the dry, technical text of the product specification.  This method did not indicate to the customer what different options were available regarding product configurations. By adding visual clues to the price books and catalogs, errors in product orders were reduced.


With the introduction of the "Locker Product Guide" a check list of how to configure a locker was created so the layman could easily get the locker design they needed without the help of sales personnel or customer service.

Locker Product Guide | General Catalog | Locker Catalog


Data Driven Price Books

At Penco we used several programs to develop our price books. We started with PageMaker, Info Publisher and Alpha4. As those programs became unsupported, we updated our software to Quark Xpress and XData plug-in and then InDesign and InData plug-in.

Locker Price Book | Quick Ship Price Book | Erectomatic Price Book | Warehouse Pricing


Products Information

Color Chart |Single Point Locker Update | X-Off Graffiti Proof Paint


Assembly Instruction

Photo copies of old school paste boards (artwork was pasted on to cardboard) were used when I started at Penco. By working with the engineering department and the integration of CAD drawings, part lists and clear assemble instructions were produced.

Defiant Locker |Stadium Locker | Rivet Rite Shelving | Shop Desk | Inventory Cart


O2 East Coast Magazine

O2 East Coast Magazine

PRINT CASE STUDY: In 1996 I conceived and created "O2 East Coast Magazine" for the east coast outdoor community. As the owner of an upstart regional magazine, I was the Editor, Publisher, Marketing and Distribution Director, Graphic Designer, Writer, Photo Journalist and Web Site Designer.

Management and Distribution

Conceived and executed a magazine for the east coast's outdoor community.
Built and motivated a staff of volunteer writers, editors, artists and photographers.
Set up interstate distribution network that included the national retailer Barnes and Noble, B. Dalton, Borders and Tower Records along with regional bicycle and outdoor retail outlets.


Wrote and edited feature stories and departments.
Researched stories through personal interviews and the Internet.


Sold and designed client advertising for the magazine.
Coordinated in-store and event magazine sales.
Created, compiled and interfaced with databases for marketing and bulk mailings.

Print and Web Design

Designed and conducted layout of magazine, web site and promotional materials.
Photographed, scanned and edited images for print and web production.
Co-ordinate halftone adjustments and file printing with a sheet feed and web printers.

Printed copies of issues 2,3, and 4 are available upon request.


Trade Shows and Educational Materials

Penco Products

Penco Products, Inc.

Coordinated up 20 trade show presentations and booths each year. Booth designs were custom-tailored to the marketing objectives for each specific trade show organization, including product design samples.

Responsible for the scheduling, set-up and logistics for the trade shows and also acted as Penco sales representative at the events.

Trade Show Booths

ProMat Booth | Club Industry Show Booth


Educational Posters

These are a few examples of posters that are being used at trade shows, dealer show rooms, Penco's corporate office and factories.

RivetRite Shelving | Wide Span Shelving


Community Service

Schuylkill Canal Association

Schuylkill Canal Association

SCA is a non-profit organization that maintains the historic Oaks Reach of the Schuylkill Canal and Schuylkill Canal Park in Mont Clare and Port Providence Pennsylvania. With a salaried, full time Executive Director and an annual budget of $100,000, SCA is a well known and regionally respected community based organization in the Delaware Valley.

Board of Director

As a board member I have been a part of the many improvements at Schuylkill Canal Park. During my tenure on the board we funded and restored the only working lock (Lock 60) on the Schuylkill Canal, a public grant-funded $875,000 project, improved canal infrastructures and park buildings and displays. 

Also worked with township, county, state, and other non-profit agencies to restore, maintain, and improve the Canal Park. Currently, we are a stakeholder in the transition of Park ownership from the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection Bureau of Mines and Reclamation  to Montgomery County.  This transition will incorporate the Schuylkill Canal Park into the County Park System, providing additional financial stability and resource access to the SCA.

Canal Day Chairman & Event Planning Committee Member

Canal Day is the SCA’s largest fund raising event, held on the last Sunday in June. A group of approximately 50 volunteers organize and host the event every year for upwards of 2,500 paying visitors with activities, presentations, displays, entertainment, and food.  The event is marketed regionally and has been featured on television news local interest pieces and in the regional newspapers.
The planning committed also organizes and hosts the Schuylkill River Sojourn overnight stop at Lock 60.  The SCA provides meals, entertainment, sanitary facilities, food, and a camping site for upwards of 100 participants during their overnight stay on the week-long journey from Schuylkill Haven to Philadelphia on the Schuylkill River.


















































































































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External Links

Penco Products, Inc.

Manufacturer of lockers, shelving, cabinets, work benches, pallet rack and mezzanines.

Schmidt Structural Steel

Manufacturer of multi-level structures and mezzanines.

Synergy Environmental Inc.

Synergy is a full service Environmental consulting firm.

Schuylkill Canal Association

The Schuylkill Canal Association is a non-profit organization that manages the Oaks Reach of the Schuylkill Canal and the 60 acres of ground comprising Schuylkill Canal Park in Mont Clare and Port Providence Pennsylvania. The SCA encourages extensive public use and enjoyment of the Park. The members and volunteers provide routine maintenance, specialized skills and major planning.  SCA is a community enterprise.

The Way Back Machine

This Internet Archive is a digital library of Internet sites and other cultural artifacts in digital form. Like a paper library, the Way Back Machine provides free access to researchers, historians, scholars, and the general public. PLEASE NOTE: there are some formatting isssues with this service such as proper display of cascade style sheet and images.




Graphic design software.

Quark Xpress

Graphic design software.

EM Software

Software company that designs Plug-ins for InDesign and Quark Xpress to create data drive documents.

McGraw Hill: Dodge Reports

Largest construction database of active projects in North America.


Makers of operating systems and Office products.


Web development plug-in for FireFox web browser.