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Sly Fox Cyclocross Race 2014Sly Fox Brewery Cyclocross Race 2014

Footage from the Elite Men, Sport Men, Women and Costume Races

Video of installing a tubular tire onto a Bicycle Wheel

How to Mount a Tubular Tire onto a Bicycle Wheel without a Mess

These two free videos show you how to mount a tubular tire onto a bicycle wheel without getting covered with glue. Few mechanics know the ancient craft of glueing a tubular tire onto a bicycle wheel.


Bicycle Trails

Freedom Valley Bicycle Trail

New Section of Schuylkill River Bicycle Trail: Oaks to Port Providence, Montgomery County PA

This section of the Schylkill River Bicycle Trail was opened in Spring of 2008. This section of trail is west of Valley Forge National Park and intersects with Perkiomen Park and Schuylkill Canal Park.

Classic Bicycles

Bicycle Music Videos

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Music videos from: Alex Marco - "The Bike", Skylar Grey and Eminem - C"mon Let Me Ride", Rob Cantor - "Old Bike", Microorchestra - "Bicycle, AEOP Music "Music from My Bicycle", Muygo's HiFi - "Bike Ride Ft Pupajin", The Cool Kids - "Black Mags", Miss Gulch, the Decemberists - Apology Song, Tom Waits - "Broken Bicycles", Beenie Man - "Bicycle Man", MC Allez - "Le Velo", Radici Nel Cemento - La Bicicletta", Matt Willis - "Crash" featuring "Mr Bean", Prvesh Sunker - "Nana Riding Bicycle", Wax - "Two Wheels", Frank Zappa plays a "Bicycle" the Steve Allen Show, From the Movie Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid - "Rain Drops Keep Falling on My Head", Fossil Fool - "Funky Quadricycle", SF Bicycle Music Festival - "Power to the Pedal", Sungha Jung - "Riding a Bicycle"


Classic Schwin Tandem

Classic Bicycles

A collection of old school bicycles from Balloon Tire, Racing, Touring and the unusual.


Bicycle History

Start of Philadelphia to Atlantic City Race

Bicycling Racing in Philadelphia in 1930 and 1931

During the great decline of bicycling after the First World War it was this group of riders that kept the spirit of bicycling alive in Philadelphia, PA region.