Water Sports

Whitewater Kayaking

Transporting kayak with a bicycle trailer

Transporting Two Kayak with a Bicycle Trailer

Ride to your favorite whitewater play spot with a Bicycle Trailer.

Conchockon Whitewater Kayak Park in Philadelphia

Could the Removal of the Plymouth Dam in Conshohocken, PA Create a Whitewater Kayaking Park?

Currently, just below the Plymouth Dam (above the Fayette Street Bridge) there are some interesting whitewater features that will be effectived by the the removal of the Plymouth Dam in Conshohoken, PA.


Kayaking the Tohickon Creek

The Tohickon Creek is a favorite of whitewater kayaker in Southeast Pennsylvania.



Kayak Rodeo Competitions

Scudders Throwdown Hoedown

2009 Scudders Throwdown Hoedown Rodeo

A talent band of boater threwdown some great moves at Scudders Jersey Wave. Great fun was had by all. Thanks to Melissa M. and Bob N. for hosting the event.

River Boarding

River Boarding the Tohickon

River Boarding the Tohickon Creek

River Boarding has nothing to do with tubing, and no one should think that they can tube the Tohickon Creek (you will get hurt). Here of some pictures of Jamie River Boarding the Tohickon Creek.